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Personal Training Program

Our team of fitness experts take your fitness personally – and guarantee they’ll help achieve the results you want. We’ll look at your motivations, help you set goals and guide you on a journey to improve health, fitness and change the way you feel about yourself.

Your personalized core fitness training program with a certified personal trainer can start you’re ready. If you’re already a Horizon Fitness member, you can hire a trainer, over the phone, or in person.

GX Classes

Designed exercise to music within a group, suite everyone taste of music and exercise, helps you achieve and improve your cardiovascular, muscles strength and flexibility, classes available, Power Pump, Cardio Step, Cardio Combat, Zumba, and FitYoga conducted by Horizon certified instructors.

The Engine Room

The focus of The Engine Room is Movement!! This is what we do every day, yet on many occasions when we attend a gym workout we spend the majority of the time sitting down!! Yes its true & this is crazy, the Engine Room changes that, we train you through movement, addressing all the planes of motion our bodies operate through. The session is about pushing, pulling, bending, twisting etc, not about being still.

We put all this into a 30 minute High Intensity Session, we mean 80% Effort pushing up to 90% effort and even 100% effort. The key here is effort, no matter what age, or physical condition we measure the clients on Effort and not your strength, how many squats you can do, sets or even reps.

By focussing on effort, it means if a client is mature 80% effort may mean 1 squat every 10 seconds, a ripe young 20 year old may need to squat once every 2 seconds to achieve 80% effort.

How do we measure this effort? Through one of the key aspects of The Engine Room – the My Zone system, this allows the instructor to monitor the Effort the client puts in, in relation to his/her personal heart rate. The instructor can see BPM & even you Effort Points clearly on the TV live in the session.

All this is then packaged in 3 programs V6 / V8 & V12 Beginner/Intermediate & Advanced. We don’t believe in calling people beginners in The Engine Room, why? Because everyone can already move, the challenge is how well.
The Engine Room is currently available at the following Horizon locations:

H3 - Al Khoud Mixed H4 - Al Hail Ladies H8 - Al Azaiba Ladies H9 - Al Azaiba Mixed H25 - Al Hail Mixed