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About Horizon Fitness LLC.

Horizon Fitness LLC was established in 1997 and has grown to be Oman’s largest health club operator and supplier of fitness equipment and Corporate Wellness solutions.

The Horizon Fitness brand currently operates 23+ locations across the country. Our Health & Fitness Centre's are equipped with state-of-the art equipment, customized packages to suit individual requirements, qualified & experienced fitness trainers and employees, who are customer-centric & dedicated to serving the Oman community at large. Known to be the Single largest gym, health and fitness club group in Oman, we at Horizon Fitness live by the motto “Better Health, Better Life” where every single member is valuable & important to us.


Jasmine for Her

Jasmine is our premium brand that was established in 2015 and was created to be the ultimate in luxury and high end gym and spa facilities. Bespoke equipment and services make Jasmine unique in Oman. The success of the first Jasmine location and the demand for luxury brands has resulted in the second Jasmine location being opened in the second quarter of 2016. The motto ‘For Her’ are the only words needed for a luxury facility of this nature.

Horizon Corporate Wellness

Horizon Corporate Wellness solutions looks to address these issues through workplace initiatives that looks to educate, empower and inspire your staff. To date we have over 5,000 people enrolled on the program. If you’re interested in finding out more book a free consultation with one of our Wellness Consultants!